The eighth annual Stuttgart Workshop focusing on  the challenges of “science, applications and commercialization” in dimensionally engineered advanced materials, will meet at the Relexa Hotel in Stuttgart-Busnau on September 14th - 15th 2016.

The Stuttgart Workshops are a forum for discussion of advanced, dimensionally engineered, materials systems that have the potential to revolutionize the marketplace.  The style of the workshop presentations is designed to be a cross between a TED talk and a scientific conference talk; developing context as well as the scientific rigor of the results. Attendees at the workshop are encouraged to reach beyond the typical “spectator” status of most conferences and adopt a “forward-leaning participant” mode of thinking by taking an active role in the discussions, panels, and poster sessions.  The Stuttgart Workshops are a place to find your voice and challenge yourself to see the larger context.

Workshop themes center on present and emerging challenges in dimensionally engineered materials.  What is such a material, don’t you just mean nanomaterial? NO! Emerging into today’s scientific consciousness is the realization is that the interface between a low dimensional material (such as a nanoplate) and a higher dimensional field is dominated by its global topology.  This realization has significant impacts on a wide range of applications derived from nanoparticle and low dimensional materials; from electro-optic composites to molecular scale electronics. To understand how this might be, the Workshop seeks to present new developments in:

Conducting polymers,

Chalcoginide nanowires,

Low dimensional perovskites,

Nanoplates with topological states,


Context is given to these topics through presentations of applications including: lighting, thermo and piezo - electric energy scavenging, sensors and ionic separation systems, and more.

The Workshop is organized by Verein zur Förderung der Stuttgart Nanodays with help from the 4C11 Society:


   David Carroll (,  Georg Duesberg  (, Siegmar Roth  (, Vojislav Krstic (

for the workshops comes from these sponsor

NanotechLabs: providing nanomaterials solutions and engineering expertise for a wide range of problems.

Smith Moore Leatherwood Attorneys at Law: Experts in IP law relating to "nano" and low dimensional structures.

Wake Forest University and the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials: A US and world ranked Research University with a mission for change.

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