the 4C11 Society

the 4C11 Society aids in the support and direction of the Stuttgart Nanodays Workshops. Who are we?  Well if you have ever worked in the 4C11 labs, at MPI-Stuttgart under the direction of Dr. S. Roth, then you are a member.  If you have not, then you are not. The 4C11 Society was established by a group of Siegmar's former students, postdocs, and apprentices, to honor the ethos of that lab and continue its work of discovery. our funny little site.  The 4C11 society you have reached alright.  

And on these pages you may have a snoop, to learn more about our daring little troupe.  

You see long ago it began - quite near to the land of the brothers Grimm.  The world was flat, and ruled by silicon - then thought our leader on a whim,

"Carbon, Carbon, Carbon - that is the key", and all of electronics could be set free,

With nanotubes and graphene in our hand, we built wires, and transistors in our new box of sand,

Then as all good things do, this came to an end, it was time for our leader to move on - to Munich his retirement to spend,

But now is not the time to shed a tear, you see this is not the end of a story - have no fear,

Because from his new home in far away Bavaria, our fearless leader sends out new ideas to infect us like a malaria.

And so we meet, drink, discuss, embracing new directions and ideas and generally make a fuss.

For the future is uncertain and you never know what you will find, with a little imagination, duck tape and twine.

- the 4C11 Society


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