Attending A Nanodays Workshop is easier than any conference you have ever been to... 

If you want to come and just listen:

Send an email to  In the title of the email say: “I want to attend Nanodays”

If you would like to present your work:

Send an email to  In the title of the email say: “I am applying to present at Nanodays.”  Include in the body of your email (or .doc/.pdf if you prefer) an abstract for your presentation.  Remember there are only a few open slots, so apply early. 

If you have already been invited:

You can accept your invitation by sending an email to with the title “I accept your invitation to Nanodays.”  We ask that you present an abstract for inclusion in the abstract book. Just include it with your email.


Once you have been accepted there is a small fee (that helps to offset costs) of 250 euro.  Please use our paypal account by following the link. It accepts credit cards and different currencies.

Why would I want to attend?

Since their beginning in Stuttgart (pictured above) the Nanodays Workshops were designed to be a different sort of conference. They bring together top research scientists from around the world that have a uniquely innovative spirit to their work.  Part of the perspective we seek comes from the most recent and advanced topics under discussion by the community of materials physicists.  Part of this perspective is the vision of how materials engineering advances technology.  And part of the Workshop perspective is absolute novelty. 

Topics, Themes and Keynotes at the Workshop are decided through an international organizing committee.  The environment is designed to be a cross between a TED conference and a scientific meeting, with a format of detailed presentations, open discussion, and comparative insight, to aid teaming among attendees.      

Attendance is held to a maximum 50 total, with some portion of these being reserved for the research groups of the speakers themselves.  The rest are based upon the level of participation, with contributed presentations and posters preferred over spectators.

If you would like to participate, you MUST contact the conference secretary at: to reserve a spot.  You will be considered in a first come first served fashion.