Themes and Speakers for the 2017 Nanodays Workshop on Advanced Materials

What are the “hot” topics?  Where is the field of materials science going?  What are the grand challenges? These questions are at the core of our meeting.  Where are we going as a community? What do we understand?  What is a mystery?  We have chosen a number of topics from our own studies as well as from our colleagues that we feel define the near-future of materials physics.  These materials systems have the potential to impact technologies in energy storage (such as batteries), solar, thermoelectrics, piezoelectrics, microelectronics, advanced textiles, and more. Their economic impacts could be in the 10’s of billions, their social impacts could be revolutionary.  What our conference does is to give a hard look at these potentials and question our directions. 

2017 is still to be announced.  These are the topics from 2016:

Session I:  Advances in Perovskites 

This session will discuss advances in Perovskite processing, lifetimes, morphology, and characterization together with an overview of the application opportunities and the challenges facing these materials.

Session II:  Advances in NanoCarbons

From organic electronics to nanocomposites of carbon the major advances in nanocarbons will be discussed.

Session III:  Chalcogenides in Nano-form 

The latest in nanoparticle, nanowire, and nanoplate synthesis and characterization together with potential applications will be discussed.


Session IV:  Topological Insulators - Are we still interested?

What are the applications and challenges of topological insulators?  Have we progressed toward the realization of applications with these unusual materials?