3 simple steps and you're enjoying a great conference in Munich.

Step 1: Register with the conference before you arrive so we know you are coming. To do this, email Conference Secretary David Carroll and say “I am coming to Stuttgart Nanodays”.  

There is a small fee that covers the cost of attendance.  It does not include accommodations. We use the fee money to help cover the costs of student and speaker travel when needed.  We ask that everyone that can afford to pay this fee, please do.  You can do this through the following paypal link.  Registration Fee: 250 Euro.  Once you have said you will come, and have paid the fee, you are in.  You can just show up.  But if you are not from the region, you may need a place to stay.  If so, go to step 2...

Step 2: You must reserve a room at a hotel for your stay in Munich.  We are at the Universität der Bundeswehr and there are very clean and nice hotels. We al;so have reserved some on campus housing for students and guests.  They fill up fast so the earlier you reserve a room the better.  However, if you are a little unsure.  Contact us and we can help.

Step 3: Attend the conference!  Thats it.  Just show up.  The speaking schedule will be posted on the website.  

Our paypal account allows payment in a variety of currencies